Chassis, Rollers, and Full Turn Key Buggies

For the last 12 years Trent Fabrication has been building, tuning, and perfecting performance off road buggies–buggies that are built for the most extreme conditions. Countless hours of research and design have produced our current top of the line Top Shelf & 151 race buggies that can tackle the worlds most extreme terrain! These buggies are capable of flying trough the desert at speeds over 110 mph, then tackling some of the most difficult rock, cliffs and drops that you have ever seen in the sport.

Trent Fabrication offers the Top Shelf & 151 buggy chassis in a variety of configurations. We have both 2 seat models as well as 4 seat designs.  The 151 chassis can be configured with Jeep or Toyota styling.  The Top Shelf chassis, designed purely around performance, is fitted with minimal paneling.

In addition to offering rollers and full turn key buggies, we also offer customers an option for building just the bare chassis. For the real DIY guy, we offer a starter chassis that gives you that Trent Fabrication look without the additional cost.

Please call for pricing on all of our Chassis to Turn-key Solutions, 775-358-5337

Support Guarantee

If you order a basic or starter chassis, Trent Fabrication will be there for you with full tech support throughout your build. We can help you with parts selection and offer advice from our years of race experience. We can provide all parts if needed but there are so many parts to choose from that it is impossible to put it all on our site.  Engines, transmissions, transfer cases, axles, wheels, and tires can all be purchased from Trent Fabrication. Please call so we can put together a quote.

We have built a lot of these cars and know them inside and out. We also have vast experience building custom vehicles and can walk you through any custom project.  Please contact us by phone or email for help with any custom project you have.

Starter Chassis

Starter Chassis – Click to Enlarge

Our starter chassis is something new that we are trying out. It’s designed for the DIY person that does not have access to a tubing bender, but can cut and notch the remaining tubes required to make the chassis structurally sound. Essentially what you get is our race proven chassis design all pre-bent and fully welded. You will still need to add about another 100 feet of your own tube before it’s structurally sound enough to race.

The starter chassis is made from 1.75″ DOM throughout. The main  chassis waste band tube and rockers are all .156 wall DOM while everything else is .120 wall DOM The starter chassis takes only a few days to ship after your order is received.

Basic Chassis

Basic 2 Seat Chassis

The basic chassis is our traditional entry level chassis. It includes the same bending and welding as our starter chassis, only it includes a lot more tube-work and a basic sub-frame. Although the basic chassis has more tube-work done, it will still require more tubes to become a sound race car.

Once you have your tube-work finished, you will need to add all your brackets and tabs. You are of course free to use any brackets or tabs that you wish. However, we have created boxed bracket kits to help you complete the assembly of your buggy. We can package any and all brackets required to complete your chassis.

The basic chassis is made from 1.75″ DOM throughout. The main chassis waste band tube, rockers and subframe are all .156 wall DOM while everything else is .120 wall DOM. The basic chassis takes about 1 week to complete.

Complete Chassis

Top Shelf Complete Chassis

The complete chassis is the best middle of the road option before getting to a full roller. It essentially gives you the entire completed chassis up to the link mounts. here is what is included:

  • Subframe
  • LS series Motor Mounts, iron or aluminum block
  • Transmission Mounts
  • Transfer Case Mounts
  • Link Mounts

Customers will need to provide the following items:

  • Engine (GM 6.0L Recommended)
  • Transmission (TH400 Recommended)
  • Transfer case (Atlas Recommended)

Top Shelf  (Shown on right)

The Top Shelf chassis utilizes a rear mounted radiator, and the coolant is plumbed through the chassis. This chassis is our top of the line race chassis!

Rolling Chassis

Roller Chassis – Click to Enlarge

The rolling chassis is probably our most popular chassis option. It includes the following in addition to the basic chassis:

  • Subframe
  • LS style Motor Mounts
  • Transmission Mounts
  • Transfer Case Mounts
  • Link Mounts
  • Axle trussing and link mounts on the axles
  • Shock Mounts
  • King 2.0 Coilover’s
  • 1.25″ Heims, bungs, and jam nuts
  • 2″, .250 wall DOM Links
  • Shock Hoops
  • Shock Mounts
  • Stainless Steel Engine Cover
  • Cowl

Rolling Chassis – Click to Enlarge

Customers will need to provide the following items:

  • Engine (GM 6.0L Recommended)
  • Transmission (TH400 Recommended)
  • Transfer case (Atlas Recommended)
  • Axles
  • Tires
  • Wheels

If you would like us to add anything else to your chassis at this time we can work with you. Please call us to discuss specifics (775-358-5337).

top shelf roller cleaned

Top Shelf Front Engine IFS Chassis/Suspension

Trent Fabrication is proud to now offer our own in house engineered Independent Front Suspension version of our Top Shelf Chassis!  With up to 18″ of front wheel travel, 28″ of rear wheel travel, and over 30 degrees of steering.  Built with a Spidertrax or Currie Center Section, 934 or Series 30 CV’s, this is the Top of the line Ultra 4 Racing Chassis!


Full Turn Key Buggies

If you would like to take your chassis to a full turn key buggy we would be happy to do so. We like this option because we get to maintain a higher standard of construction of the rig throughout the entire process. We can also get you the best prices on parts over buying them from commercially available sources. Depending on parts being supplied or obtained, it should take approximately 6 weeks to build a 2 seat 151 car, and only slightly longer for a 4 seat car.

General Chassis Specs

  • 2 Seat wheel base = 110-118″
  • 4 Seat wheel base = 112-125″
  • 4 Seat total length = 152″-172″
  • 2 & 4 Seat belly height = 18″ to 21″ Depending on springs and tires

Please call for pricing on all of our Chassis to Turn-key Solutions, 775-358-5337