Radiators & Coolers

Trent Fabrication has been working with Griffin Radiator exclusively for the last 5 years.  Griffin and Trent Fabrication have worked together to design a custom line of radiators and coolers that fit Trent Fab buggies perfectly.  This is what happens when engineers work together and solve problems.  There is only so much space and airflow. Trent Fabrication and Griffin have worked together to create superior cooling products.


This is the 151 radiator that was specifically designed to fit into the 151 chassis. At only 13.5″ tall it is one of shortest production radiators on the market.  The bottom of the tanks are tapered to a 45 degree angle to help with chassis clearance.  This unit is capable of cooling built large cube LS engines

151 Radiator Drawing

Griffin Radiator - Front

Griffin Radiator - Back


The TF-GRIF-151-SMTWIN is the small twin cooler.  It was designed to be a transmission cooler.  It is split into two coolers so that in the event something punctures one half of the cooler the lines can be rerouted and the leaking side can be bypassed.  It fits nicely in the back window of most buggies and is short enough that it dose not obstruct rear visibility.  It would also work very well in the front of a mid engine car as a transmission cooler.

Small Twin Cooler

Small Twin - Front

Small Twin - Back


This is the large twin cooler. It was designed to be a transmission and engine oil cooler.  It fits nicely in the back widow of the 2 and 4 seat 151 buggies and still allows for good rearward visibility.

Large Twin - Drawing

Large Twin - Front

Large Twin - Back

Small Single Cooler

Griffin Cooler - Front

Griffin Cooler - Back