IFS Front Engine Top Shelf Chassis

To stay competitive in today’s top Ultra 4 racing tier, an Independent Front Suspension is almost a requirement.  The ability to go even faster with a smoother ride over the roughest terrain the world can throw at you.  This was the goal for DSquared Racing’s latest project.  Designed in-house, this unique Top Shelf variation is low, wide, and fast.  Keeping the engine in the front, this differs from most IFS cars, for a very similar and controllable feel.  With over 16″ of front wheel travel, and 24″ of rear wheel travel, this car can throw down in the desert.  Also pictured is TJ Flores’s IFS car that he took delivery on as a rolling chassis, and finished at Champion Raceworks!


  • Colorado Speed & Performance LSX 454, CAM, and Tune.
  • TH400
  • Atlas II Ultra 4 Spec 
  • Spidertrax Chromoly PRO Series IFS front housing
  • RCV Series 30’s Inboard/Outboard CV’s.  
  • TCS 40 Spline Axle Shafts
  • Gearworks 10″ Third Members Spooled
  • Spidertrax Chromoly PRO Series rear housing
  • Camburg 2.5″ Spindle/Hub Combo, 6 on 6.5″ Bolt Pattern
  • Front: King 2.0″ 12″ Travel Coilovers/14″ King 3.5 6 Tube Bypasses
  • Rear: King 2.0″ 14″ Travel Remote Reservoir Coilovers/ 16″ King 4.0 “King Kong” 6 Tube Bypasses
  • PRP Seats
  • Rugged Radio’s Intercom and 110 watt VHF race radio w/Dual Antennas
  • Rigid Industries LED Light Bars/Rock Lights
  • Howe Steering Rack/PSC Pump
  • Aeromotive Fuel System
  • CBR Radiator & Coolers
  • Ramsey 9500 Patriot Winch
  • FK Rod Ends
  • Goodyear 40″ Sticky MT/R’s
  • Raceline Wheels

2 Seat “Legends Class” Top Shelf – CRAWLMerica!

Trent Fabrication was approached by owner/editor of CRAWL magazine’s John Herrick for a new buggy build to be featured in his magazine.  John wanted a car that could do it all, from running his local trails to competing in the King of the Hammers race.  About this time Ultra4 Racing announced the formation of a new class for KOH called the Legends class.  Meant to be a single shock per corner class for older Ultra4/Rock crawlers to compete in, and not be outran by the higher (in some cases much higher) priced Ultra4 rigs.  What came is the introduction of the Top Shelf Legend’s Chassis.  A 112″ wheelbase, single shock per corner version of our Race Thoroughbred Top Shelf Chassis.  This car competed in the 2014 KOH Legends Race placing 2nd in the legends class.  Pick up an issue of CRAWL Magazine and check it out today!


  • MJ Motorsports 408 Cu. In. Iron Block LS
  • ATO Built Reid Cases SH400
  • Atlas II 
  • Trail Gear Fab 9’s with Trail gear C’s/Knuckles, Trail Gear 10″ double ended steering ram
  • Trail Gear Unit Bearings
  • Gearworks 10″ Third Members
  • Kind 2.5″ Remote Reservoir Internal Bypass shocks with Compression Clickers 14″ front/16″ rear
  • Bayshore Truck Drivelines
  • ATL Custom Fuel Cell
  • Autometer Gauges
  • Trail Gear CreeperLocks
  • BFGoodrich 39.5″ KRT/B’s
  • Rugged Radios Intercom/VHF Race Radio
  • Ramsey Patriot 9500 Winch
  • Rigid Industries LED Light Bars


4 Seat Top Shelf Chassis

This is Trent Fabrications 1st 4 seat Top Shelf Chassis.  Built on a customers existing parts bin, this Turn-Key build is the fastest 4 seat Ultra 4 chassis on the market.


  • MJ Motorsports 418ci LS3
  • TH400
  • Atlas II 4 speed
  • DynaTrac 60’s with ARB’s 
  • King 3.0″ 14″ Travel Remote Reservoir Coilovers
  • King 3.0″ 16″ Travel Remote Reservoir Coilovers
  • PRP Seats
  • PSC Steering
  • Aeromotive Fuel System
  • CBR Radiator & Coolers
  • Warn Winches
  • RuffStuff Rod Ends
  • 43″ Interco SX’s



Top Shelf Chassis

MJ Motorsports 427ci LSx
4L80 – Full Manual Control
Atlas II
Ruff Stuff 9in housing’s
Yukon Nodular Load Bolt 3rd’s
Yukon Grizzly & ARB Air Lockers
Bilstein 9100 60mm Coilovers w/ACV’s
Bilstein “Super 60” Bypass shocks w/ACV’s
PRP Seats
PSC Steering
Aeromotive Fuel System
CBR Radiator & Coolers
Ramsey Winches
FK Rod Ends
Sandy Cone 2.5in 6×5.5 Wheel Hub’s on all 4 corners
Wilwood Brakes

151 Proof 4 seat chassis

We are excited to show off our latest project. A 4 seat 151 production chassis based on our race proven 2 seat design. When we started this build, it was only supposed to be a roller, but as time and fund’s progressed, it turned into a turn key build.

The customer supplied us with a GM60/14 combo, and a GMPP LS3, which is hooked to a Levrett Built TH400 and an AtlasII 3.8

We’re using King 2.5in Performance Series Coilover’s on all 4 corners, 14in front 16in rear.

PRP Comp Pro seat’s in the front, with matching PRP Bench.

Raceline Wheels with 42in Goodyear MT/R Kevlar Stickies